Man who brutally beat a 3-year-old child in a video has been arrested

According to AdomOnline, a father who was caught on camera abusing his three-year-old child has been taken into custody.
The offender, Richard Kofi, was caught on October 5, 2022, in the town of Jasikan in the Oti Region.

In the video, a man posing as the boy’s father knocks him off his feet with what appears to be a bush branch before starting an awful assault while the child screams in terror.

In spite of the child’s cries for assistance, the attacker picks him up and keeps beating him. In the video, he spanks the child at least 21 times.

Unrest broke out in Akaa Buem as police officers entered the community to arrest the culprit.

He was brought in a Toyota car to the chief’s palace, where he was notified of his alleged transgression.

The suspect’s wife was also taken into custody; she reportedly runs a different household from her husband.

Additionally, the child was taken out of the house and placed in the police’s custody.

Police announced a reward of GH2,000 for information leading to his capture the day before in a statement.

The guy asserted his innocence while he was being taken off of the area.

People who called the police on him claimed to have overheard him swearing and threatening them.

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