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Man dies over ₵2 fare increment after brawl with driver’s mate

Following a heated altercation with a commercial driver’s friend over a GH2 fare increment, a man’s death has been officially confirmed.

Around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 29, the tragic tragedy took place at the Lapaz bus terminal.

According to reports, the male passenger was informed that the ticket had increased from GH5.50 to GH7.70 when he boarded the vehicle in Lapaz on its way to Pokuase.All of the passengers in the car became agitated over the new fare multiple times before the peace was restored.The deceased reportedly objected to paying the increased cost and kept complaining. This enraged the driver, who made the decision to drop off the passengers at the Lapaz bus station where he had originally picked them up.

The massive increase in price produced a commotion in our car, and when everyone had calmed down at one point, a male passenger kept upsetting the driver and his companion to the point where the driver had to stop at Mile 7 rasta park area and return to the airport.

An eyewitness claimed that after numerous strikes were traded between them, the deceased received an unintentional punch to the face. He fell and smacked his head on the ground, which caused him to pass away.

His body was afterwards placed at the mortuary.

Police have not yet provided a statement on the matter.The massive increase in price produced a commotion in our car, and when everyone had calmed down at one point, a male passenger kept upsetting the driver and his companion to the point where the driver had to stop at Mile 7 rasta park area and return to the airport.

An eyewitness claimed that after numerous strikes were traded between them, the deceased received an unintentional punch to the face. He fell and smacked his head on the ground, which caused him to pass away.His body was afterwards placed at the mortuary.Police have not yet provided a statement on the matter.

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