Lockdown: If A Police Officer Or Soldier Hits You; Hit Them Back – Lady

As most countries move into lockdown against the spread of the Coronavirus, the security agencies mainly the police and army has been ordered to ensure strict compliance by citizens.

In most instances, these security people manhandle the civilians and instill fear in them. In some videos shared across the internet, soldiers are seen beating and physically abusing civilians who may have gone contrary to the directives.

Following that many have expressed displeasure at the inhuman treatment meted out to civilians by these so-called trained professionals.

A lady on Twitter has gone ballistic by stating bluntly that the [police and soldiers who maltreat civilians be met with stiffer opposition.

According to Bongekile simelane, if you get hit by any of these law enforcers, do not hesitate to retaliate or return their slaps or beatings in equal measure.

Who has the balls to do that then?

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