Kofi Bee, Barosky and others killed my shine – Ofori Amponsah laments

Samuel Ofori Amponsah, a renowned highlife singer from Ghana, is regretting the musicians he introduced to the business but who ended up ruining his career by stealing his spotlight.

The songwriter, who is now a pastor, expressed guilt for penning songs for Kofi Bee and other artists, and then went on to work with them on their tracks.

“Those who joined my musical life caused me to lose my passion for it. In an interview with TV XYZ, Ofori Amponsah said, “They just extinguished my fire.

Ofori Amponsah added that performers like Kofi B, Kofi Nti, and Barosky had taken his place in the industry and were billing audiences for less money than he typically charged.

The talented singer-songwriter claims that, given a second opportunity, he would never write music for other people.

If given the option to go back in time, he pledged never to finance another musician.

“A lot of things happened that have made me regret my decision to invest in people. He remarked, “I would decide not to invest in any musician if I had the ability to go back and change anything.

“With the exception of Samini, who had his own lyrics, none of the other persons I worked with brought their own lyrics. I’ll give you guidance on how to sing a specific section because it’s my song, he said.

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