Keche Andrew And Wife Celebrates 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Keche Andrew and his wife Joana Gyan Cudjoe are celebrating their 1-year wedding anniversary today.

In commemoration of the special day, both love birds took to their separate Instagram pages to drop sweet words about one another.

Keche Andrew in a lenthy post wrote:

“The past came fighting…. you stood by me although you knew nothing about it. You were dragged into it, got disrespected, insulted and lambasted.

Nobody should be chastised for another’s issues but u took it upon yourself…., you knew the truth and believed in me but you never allowed me to explain to the world, your exact words and I quote (“” baby it doesn’t matter, if they like let them say you killed human and even worst ones than that I will still be here and our GOD will fight. And always know that they were never for real”””). This year has been rough and smooth lol… but we thank the almighty GOD for HIS care..

it’s a year already … congratulations to us. I still love and appreciate everybody who has been of help to my life, i want you to know that you pasted pictures on my mind and I will never forget.

And to those i have stepped on their toes knowingly and unknowingly pls do forgive me.. we human and stuffs like these are bound to happen.

Jay thanks for standing by me, we fought and beats predictions, we not done dear.., we still gonna be walking through them… until they give up we ain’t stopping. And hey.. I’m sorry for the other things okay…lool. 😘

Mrs. Cudjoe in her post also wrote: “Happy 1 year anniversary to us Mr & Mrs Cudjoe… God bless us and may we live long…and Congratulations Once Again and A Blissful Anniversary To Us and May His Grace For Fruitiness continue to be established in us baes 🙏🏽… I also want to use this opportunity to ask you to find a place in your heart to forgive me my dear husband….I know am very ….but you have always been there for me and support me in everything. 😍🥰🥰”

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