I’ve no issues with Andy Dosty, but I’ll walk out again – Okese 1 reflects

Okese 1 says that if Andy Dosty should sack him from his studio again, he will walk out. Periodt! 

For Okese 1, coming in 15 minutes late to an interview did not warrant the kind of reception he got from the host of DayBreakHitz, Andy Dosty. 

He disclosed his sentiments to Zionfelix when asked about his relationship with the radio presenter after the incident. 

“I had never met him before. That was my first time. I have no issues with him. The only mistake I did was coming late. And it was only 15mins late. But although I was late, I still came through. And that was the only interview that I went there with only one person. Because if I had my gang around that day, the reaction would have been different. 

“When we got there, we asked if we can still do the interview. They said yes, we should come. So if i have come on your show, why would you try to disgrace me. Or use me as a scapegoat?”

Okese I also pointed out that Andy Dosty reacted differently to him in the studio compared to his enthusiasm before the interview. 

“After the incident, Angel FM called him. He said I love Okese 1’s songs. And I was like, wow, someone you just asked, are you Okese 1? Meanwhile, I came to do an interview, and I didn’t even ask to do an interview.”

Okese 1 reiterated that should it repeat itself, I will always choose to walk out of the studio rather than grovel for mercy. 

“I will walk out. Simple. Easy. Because you are interviewing an artist, and you don’t even know the artiste’s name. How? I was there, and he was like, gentleman are you Okese 1? Meanwhile, when we called you, you said you love my songs, and you’ve been listening to my songs. This is one of the reasons I don’t like granting interviews,” Okese 1 repeated. 

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