I’ve Made Over 2 Billion From Tiktok : Erkuah Official Reveals

Erkuah Official, has made over 2 billion from Tiktok.

Janet Offei, the Tiktok star, revealed this during an interview with Delay on her Delay Show, where she described her road to become Ghana’s most popular TikToker and the perks that have gone with it.

According to the 22-year-old University of Ghana Political Science student, the money she has made from Tiktok is “overwhelming” because of the opportunities the platform presents.

Janet Offei also disclosed that the greatest money she had made from a brand agreement was GH?30k during the conversation.

She claims to have amassed sufficient funds to rent a single room self-contained flat in the Greater Accra Region.

Janet Offei began making TikTok videos about a year ago when she was forced to stay at home for a length of time owing to new government covid guidelines that compelled pupils to stay at home for a period of time.

With over 2.3 million followers, she is the most popular Ghanaian TikToker, which she attributes to her distinct flair.

Erkuah Official, a stunning and amusing young Ghanaian TikToker who has been making waves with her hilarious videos, recently spoke with Zion Felix about her popularity on the TikTok app.

Janet Awuku Offei, as she is legally known, claimed in the interview that she began filming TikTok videos around a year ago when she was compelled to stay at home owing to new University of Ghana covid guidelines.

After being bored at home and doing nothing for a long, she realized she had registered a TikTok account and decided to investigate the app.

Janet found she could also create videos on the app when she watched other films. She began by studying and learning from other creators until she was able to come up with her own ideas.

When one of Ekua’s videos became viral, her account began to develop, and she began to receive popularity online.

She is the most popular Ghanaian TikToker, with over 2.3 million followers, which she attributes to her distinct flair.

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