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Increase my monthly allowance from GH¢1,000 to GH¢1,200 or it’s over – Student Nurse to Boyfriend

A nursing student has broken her boyfriend’s heart because he refused to submit to her requests.

The boyfriend provides the nursing student GH1,000 each month for maintenance, but the girl claims that the money is insufficient due to the current increase in the price of products and services in Ghana.

Despite the additional GH300 and GH200 she receives from her father and brother, the lady claims it is insufficient.

The man complained to a buddy, who received screenshots of his conversation with the nursing student.

The discussions were given to Relationship Blogger Abena Magis, who posted them on her Facebook and Twitter profiles to get feedback.

The conversation begins with the girl thanking him for sending this month’s stipend, followed by concerns that he should’ve increased it as agreed because sometimes GH1,000 is sufficient for the month.

The man begged her to reason with him because he is putting a large portion of his money into a building for their future.

He went on to say that he barely consumes GH470 every month, thus the girl should be able to manage the GH1,000.

Because the girl insisted on an increase in the allowance, the guy advised her to demand it from her father and brother, as he was unwilling to increase his own.

This enraged the girl, who vowed to break up with him and block him.

She blocked him without hesitation, as if she were playing.

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