I thought wearing makeup, wig, and dressing up is anti-Christian I’m now correcting that wrong impression – Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah claimed on the famous United Showbiz, which airs every Saturday on UTV, that the theology she implanted in their heads has clearly led some individuals astray in Christendom.

She is now on a mission to remedy that myth after realizing that her views on makeup, wigs, and other unnecessary things women do to enhance their bodies are not ‘worldly’ as she labeled them.

The award-winning Gospel singer went on to say that because she has been dressed flamboyantly lately, she is the greatest model for the correction.

“It’s all about progressing in Christ Jesus.” We used to judge makeup and other worldly things, but now we see the light and realize that being Godly is more about your acts than your appearance. “I’m rectifying the false impression of Christianity that my current appearance has instilled in people,” she explained.

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