“I need a man I can share my wealth with” – Pretty lawyer cries

A beautiful young barrister has bemoaned being without a man with whom she can share her wealth, saying a man is indispensable in every woman’s life regardless of her level of accomplishment.

The beautiful and apparently successful young lawyer identified on social media as Barrister Khadijah Umar with the Twitter handle @Barrkhadijah_ has got a lot of people talking after she took to the microblogging platform to cry her heart out.

According to her, although she has advanced in career and made an appreciable wealth, she feels incomplete without a man she can spend some good times with.

What makes her assertion interesting is the fact that most contemporary young women who claim to be feminists believe that pursuing a career and attaining wealth matter more for a woman than a man.

In their view, men and women must be equal in every sense without the latter submitting to the former as has been the case since time immemorial and according to the Holy Bible.

“I need a man I can share my wealth with,” Barrister Khadijah Umar wrote on Twitter. “No matter what you attain in life, it’s so boring being without a man.”

In other news, a female sex therapist has revealed that sniffing her husband’s boxers shorts and armpits whenever she is down has proven to be an effective remedy for “quick temper”.

According to Angela Nwosu, her spirit gets lifted and she gets hyped instantly after sniffing them.

She explained that for those who might not understand her revelation, the smell of her husband’s boxers and armpit is simply “intoxicating” and can tame her.

She has therefore entreated other women to try her unconventional therapy, saying they will not regret having done so.

Angela Nwosu took to her Facebook page to make the weird disclosure and it has since triggered a lot of reactions from both men and women, some of whom find the said therapy ridiculous.

However, interestingly, a lot of other women have been testifying to unconventional therapy and its effectiveness.


Source:Pulse Ghana

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