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I left my husband because he was beating me — Esther Smith

Esther admitted on One Ghana TV that her spouse had physically and verbally abused her.

She also mentioned that her child’s cardiac abnormality was discovered at that time.

“You know, my child I gave birth to in Germany, some people turned it around and said I had given my child to another man, and the person perpetrating those lies was someone close to me. The person was creating an impression.”

“My situation would have turned out just like the lady who died in Nigeria, Osinachi’s death. So I had to quit. I had to quit because God has given us brains and sense. You have to apply it.”

Esther also revealed that after she left her marriage, her ex-husband made up tales that left her so stunned that she hasn’t been able to defend herself since.

It doesn’t matter what people are doing or saying, but you should consider where things are going. I believe I am mortal. Therefore, you must resign, and since this won’t make the other person happy, they will have to fabricate tales to harm your reputation even though you are unaware of them. I was forced to remain silent because I don’t do well when I say too much. That is what took place, she said.

God has given everyone the capacity to reason rationally under pressure, but not the stamina to persevere while under pressure, the speaker said.

The vocalist of “Onyame Ye Nyame” said in 2012 that Reverend Ahenkan Bonsu treated her as a punching bag for the duration of their four-year marriage.

Osinachi Nwachukwu, a Nigerian gospel singer best known for her song “Ekwueme,” allegedly passed away on April 8, 2022, as a result of her husband’s violent assaults.

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