I don’t sleep around for movie roles – Actress

Nollywood actress, Angela Eguavoen, says she never slept with any movie producer or director with the intention of getting movie roles while pursuing her way to stardom.

Speaking in an interview with the PremiumTimes, she indicated that actresses who do that are not good acting talents. Great actors, she suggested, don’t sleep around for acting opportunities.

“As for me, Angela Eguavoen, I’ve never had to sleep with any producer to get my roles. I’ve earned every role that I’ve ever played. There might be some people doing it but I don’t believe it. If you sleep your way through with a director or producer and you’re not a good actor, everyone will know that this one didn’t deserve it or she did ‘runz’ to get to where they are,” she revealed.

“So, I have never had to sleep with any producer and I don’t know if that is the common practice. And then, this is what I’ve always held on to, it is not only in this industry that people have to sleep their way through, it is everywhere.

“Sex-for-role is just loud in our industry because we’re in the entertainment sector and everybody sees you because you’re in the limelight. If others do it, good for them, but I don’t do it,” she added.

The Nollywood starlet shot into the limelight after she bagged the role of Ivie in ‘Enakhe’, an Africa Magic original crime drama set in modern-day Benin City.

She has also starred in other productions like ‘Inafe’, ‘Still Born’, ‘Dry Tears’, ‘The Clause’, ‘Old New Friend’ among others. She is currently one of the new faces doing well in the acting scene.


Source: Modernghana

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