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Hassan Ayariga: I’m ready to buy ECG if government can’t manage it

The flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has called on the government to implement urgent measures to solve irregular electric power outages, commonly referred to as “dumsor,” being experienced in the country and says it is causing hardships to many Ghanaians.

Ayariga said individuals with successful track records should be appointed to lead the company.

Alternatively, Ayariga urged the government to privatise the ECG if it cannot efficiently and effectively manage its operations, adding that he is willing to purchase the company to deliver reliable electricity to Ghanaians.

Ageing and health

“The power crisis, or Dumsor, is a national issue that requires urgent attention and action from the government. We will not sit idle while our country suffers,” he said at a press conference in  Accra on Tuesday, [11 June 2024].

“The All People’s Congress urges the government to put the interests of its citizens first and work towards providing a sustainable and reliable power supply for all. If they can’t manage ECG, I am ready to take over and privatise it,” Ayariga added.

Depreciation of the cedi

Ayariga also noted that the Ghana cedi had experienced significant depreciation against the major currencies leading to increased costs of imported goods and services, contributing to inflation and economic instability.

He said the high demand for dollars has led to a scarcity of foreign exchange reserves, making it difficult for businesses to access the necessary funds to operate effectively.

He also alleged that the hoarding of foreign currencies by politicians and businessmen in their homes was greatly affecting the availability of foreign currencies.

“This has a ripple effect on the overall economy, leading to inflation, high fuel prices, and an increase in the cost of goods and services. The suffering of Ghanaians is evident, as we struggle to make ends meet in the face of economic hardship,” he added.

The APC leader therefore advised the government to implement policies aimed at promoting economic stability, reducing corruption and mismanagement of resources, and investing in key sectors such as production, manufacturing, and industrialisation.

To achieve this, he urged the government to ban all forex trading, shut down all businesses that charge in dollars, stop the quotations and awards of contracts in dollars, ban the opening of foreign currency accounts, and close down all foreign currency accounts. Additionally, he called for a stop to all hotels, businesses, airlines, landlords, schools, automobile companies, and shipping lines quoting and charging in foreign currencies.

“Why should a Ghanaian patronise the service of a company in his country with dollars? Why? Can a Ghanaian charge for his service in the US in Ghana cedis? Let’s all be patriotic citizens and defend our nation,” he said.

Source; Asaaseradio

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