“Ghanaians will continue streaming Nigeria music if you guys don’t stop churning out substandard songs” – YouTuber replies DBlack

Ghanaian YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon believes Ghanaians are not under any obligation to listen to or stream Ghana music if the standard is low.

According to him, although many local folks have the desire to support local artists, they soon become discouraged by the songs they churn out that usually do not have great content and are unfit for consumption by the international audience.

Kwadwo Sheldon maintained that until Ghanaian musicians begin to work hard on their craft, polish their craft, invest heavily in their talent, churn out great songs and market it properly, Ghanaians will have no option than to stream and listen to the best alternative; the Nigeria music.

He shared the audio below as a reply to an earlier post-Ghanaian rapper DBlack made about Ghanaians’ overconsumption of Nigerian music which is detrimental to the growth and internationalization of Ghana music.

Listen Below:


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