Everyday Mahama…But Mahama is not in power; Allow him to rest? – Lydia Forson to

For Lydia Forson, hearing the ex-president’s name punctuating almost every speech from the sitting government doesn’t do well for the NPP’s image.

Lydia Forson expressed her concern using the micro-blogging site Twitter. She pointed out how the ruling government blames the opposition for mishaps happening in the country eventhough they are those in power.

“Every day, ‘But Mahama”… “If it were Mahama”… “Even Mahama”… If I didn’t know any better I would think Mahama is still in power. NPP doesn’t seem to understand how PR works because all they’re doing is giving this man free publicity. smh. Mahama is not in power oooo.”

Over the past few weeks, with the increasing hike in food prices, transportation and general standard of living in Ghana, Lydia Forson has been one of the most vocal celebrities on the issue.
Her past tweets detailed how everything but salaries keeps rising. She also questioned the government’s role in solving the housing problem and the correlation between poverty and crime.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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