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Don’t Waste Your Time Trying To Make Someone “Marriage Material”- Counsellor

Respected counsellor, Frank Edem Adofoli, has advised single men and women to desist from wasting time and resources on partners who are not ready for marriage, insisting that people who do so are mistaking wastage of time for patience.

Why do you waste all your time and resources trying to grow or qualify someone for marriage when you see red flags showing they don’t have what you are looking for? Spending time and resources on such a person to become who you want is a waste of time. There is a possibility they won’t become. People who waste their time doing that don’t know what they are looking for,” he cautioned in a piece entitled “Singles, Wasting Time is not Same as being patient.”

For the experienced revered counsellor, persons should spend time and resources or suffer with only those they are married to given that the prevalence of partners being ditched after wasting time and resources is high.

Full piece below:

A good number of singles are wasting their time in the name of being patient with their partner. People need to know that, there is a difference between Singles relationships and marriage relationships. Marriage relationships comes with commitment and security, Singles relationships comes with diligence and carefulness.

A candidate for an interview does not behave as a permanent staff of the company he or she is attending a job interview at. A company can spend time and resources on their staff, be patient with them, groom them to become who they want them to be but the same company cannot do that for a candidate who comes in for interviews. One may ask, the staff was once a candidate so why can’t new candidates be treated the same way?

The company had their requirements, knew what they were looking for and before the staff was given the job or opportunity, they conducted an interview and investigation to know she or he was the right person for the job. Once they knew they had the right person, spending on him or her was not a problem. They see it as an investment for the company’s growth and prosperity.

The maximum time a company can spend on a candidate for interview is a few hours, for they understand time is priceless. Once a candidate does not meet their requirements or doesn’t have what the company is looking for, they have no business investing in such a person or waiting for him or her to attain the requirements to get the job.

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