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Don’t help poor man who has wife and many kids; let him suffer! – Lawyer says

Reno Omokri, a Nigerian lawyer, human rights activist, and author, has advised that kind-hearted people stop helping poor men who are married and have many children.

According to him, such men need to suffer, so that other people who see them suffer will learn not to have kids they can’t cater for.

In his view, the continuous extension of a hand of help to poor married men who have many children will make them have the mentality that they are at liberty to give birth to as many children as they desire, and God will use people to help them take care of them.

Omokri is not entirely against people helping others who are in need, but according to him, the help must not be because the beneficiary has many children to take care of.

“Stop justifying giving help to a poor man because he has a wife and many kids. Let him suffer! Such a man needs to suffer, so that other people see him suffer and learn not to have kids they can’t cater for. Or we will have MORE of such in society, if you help them.

“If you keep helping men for the sole reason that they are poor and have many kids, their mentality will be: born as you like, God will use people to help you train them. Your ‘kindness’ feeds that mentality, and creates a population explosion leading to insecurity!” Omokri wrote on his Twitter page on Wednesday, May 18.

His tweet has sparked mixed reactions, with a section of his followers agreeing with him, while the other section disagrees.

Some of the dissenting Twitter users say Omokri’s viewpoint is counterintuitive. They argue that if the purpose of his suggestion is to curb overpopulation and insecurity, then it makes better sense that the well to do will help lift the underprivileged from poverty.

Basically, some Twitter users believe that the haves must assist the have-nots for a safer and secure society, rather than leaving them in a hopeless state, for their numerous children to grow up and become criminals and a danger to the society.

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