Don’t call him a liar; Meeting Beyonce is very possible – Eno Barony defends Sarkodie

According to Eno Barony, Beyonce may have known Sarkodie and still preferred to have Shatta Wale on her song. And that such a situation doesn’t make Sarkodie a lie if he says Beyonce saw him first.

The conversation around Sarkodie’s Beyonce revelation is somewhat controversial as many have called out the rapper for lying.

In response to the reaction, Eno Barony questioned why the rapper of such a calibre would lie about a Beyonce meeting. Using herself as an example, she said, “TV3 is the first platform that i had the chance to showcase my talent. People don’t know this, but I came for an audition when I was a kid. There was a program it was called Gang Starz. I came for it, I qualified and I was part of it. Later I left for school and came back as Eno. I knew here, but this is not the first place that I came for my first interview.”

She also added that the American singer knows many other African artists, but she hasn’t done a song with all of them.

“It’s about time we respect our own If Beyonce is Beyonce there, Sarkodie is Sarkodie here. So she can know Sarkodie, but she didn’t prefer to do the song with Sarkodie. I’m sure Beyonce knows Davido, but she didn’t do anything with him.”

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