Don’t Be Local Champions – Camidoh Advises His Fellow Ghanaian Artistes

It’s nice for musicians to have a lot of support from their native country, but Afrobeats artist Camidoh says that’s not enough for an artist who wants to go global.

According to Camidoh, Ghanaian singers should not be satisfied with their own fan base, but instead branch out to gain new admirers by touring other countries.

“It is just right that a musician visits different nations, makes themselves popular there, and wins more followers,” Camidoh stated in an interview with Graphic Showbiz. That is the only way we will be noticed outside of Ghana and become worldwide artists, and I am working hard to achieve that goal.

“I want to be a global icon and as we talk now, I am currently preparing to go to Nigeria and other African counties to make myself and my music popular.

“We will only be known in Ghana if we don’t make it a deliberate attempt to move out of our comfort zone and make ourselves popular.

“But the sad thing is that we don’t have that support which will push us out there. For example, a corporate entity could team up with some of us and support us with whatever we need to go global,” he added.

When asked if being consistent as a musician was difficult, the Sugarcane hitmaker answered it was extremely challenging, especially if you were a newcomer to the profession.

“If you don’t have people investing and pushing your music out there, how can you be consistent. You will just have the best songs and it just stays with you. How can you be consistent when you play shows and you are not paid? You need money to record new songs, pay for music videos and get your name out there.

“I am glad I have a team who sees to it that my music career reaches the topmost height. With such a solid team behind you, you are rest assured that you will go places,” he said.

Camidoh stated the media helped market Sugarcane everywhere when asked how it became such a big hit. “While the song was being promoted on TV and radio, TikTok Ghana was also promoting it. Overall, I appreciate Ghanaians’ efforts to promote the music.

“Massive shout out to King Promise, Darkoo and Mayorkun from Nigeria who made the song number one in Nigeria when he featured on the remix. Mayorkun promoted the song for me and that tells how powerful collaborations can be,” he said.

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