Date Rush presenter Giovani says he married his wife because of her breasts

People have different reasons they get into relationships. For Giovani Caleb of TV3, it was love at first sight.

Giovani told Delay on her show that his wife’s big breasts were what caught his fancy when he first met her.

Asked if he married his wife because she was wealthy, Giovani answered in the negative.

The ‘Date Rush’ presenter said he got married to his wife because of the size of her breasts.

“The reason why I married her was because of her breast. I am crazy about breasts.”

He said breast represents life; a reason he wouldn’t want to joke with it.

“Breast represents life and it is biblical and spiritual. When you give it to babies, the glow when they grow” – he added

He however noted that when he got to know her better, she realised she was a nice person to be with and that cemented their love.

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