Church is for poor people, the rich don’t waste time there – Dada KD

The church is for broken people, according to prominent highlife musician Dada Kwaku Duah, often known as Dada KD. The singer thinks that successful people would never devote all of their time to going to church.

The renowned musician said, “A lot of people attend church due to unemployment. I believe people with broken hearts were designed for the church.

How frequently do you see rich people attending church? If they do, there is just one explanation why. I think that when it comes to donating, the wealthy always come out on top, just to give and worship God.

He emphasized that although there is a sizable church group in Ghana, immorality is pervasive in our culture.

“We inspired ourselves in church. However, the fact of the matter is, that we don’t fear God. It seems we are living to impress the unseen God than ourselves. The truth is godliness is in the heart, not necessarily going to church.

“It’s really difficult to pay rent for two years, so someone decides to build. A rumored Christian chief will sell his fellow Christian land that is prone to flooding. Do we even serve God? We must serve one another rather than an unknowable god, he said.

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