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Church gives Certificate of Virginity to young ladies after testing them in South Africa

A South African church carries out virginity test on female members of the church aged 18 and above.

It was gathered that the church – Nazareth Baptist Church in Durban, South Africa – began this practice to encourage young ladies in the church to keep their virginity.

It’s said to be a yearly event which takes place in the middle of the year and a ‘Certificate of Virginity’ is given to those who pass the test and a white mark is made on their foreheads.

The certificate is only valid for one year and the ladies are expected to conduct another test in the following year.

The virginity test for 2022/2023 was conducted by the church on Tuesday, July 6, and the successful ladies were issued a certificate as usual.

The certificate was signed by the leader of the church and the specialist who inspected their virginity.

Photos from the exercise has been shared on social media. See below,

In other news, a Canada-based Nigerian lady has shared an email her father sent to her in 2014 advising her to focus on school work and self development.

The lady, identified as Adebanke Falade, who was 21 at the time took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the email.

Her father advised her not to be in a hurry to get married and instead focus on developing herself and acing her courses.

According to him, most people who got married below 25 ended up divorced because of the financial pressure and immaturity.

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