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Biakoye District NASPA distributes Oover 200 nose masks to each each service personnel in the District


As part of measures to crub the spread of Corona virus (Covid_19) disease in the country, wearing nose mask in public places is now mandatory. Due to that reason, The National service Personnel association NASPA in collaboration with National service secretariat in the Biakoye district distribute over 200 nose masks to all NSPs who are still at post in the district.

NASPA president Mr Arnold Tonou together with NASPA executives and NSS Office administrator in the biakoye district distribute the masks to NSPs in schools, hospitals and clinics in the district, Mr Tonou asked the NSPs to always remember keep safe and keep observing all due hygienic protocols.

Also NSS office administrator in Biakoye district Mr Innocent Amanu explained that is necessary for every personnel in the district to be safe during this period that’s why they look time to distribute the nose mask,
He continue by telling the personnel to always remember to use the mask and keep using hand sanitizers and always stay home if they don’t have anything to so outside.
The beneficiaries thanked NASPA and NSS for the step taken to help them stay safe.

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