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Believe in me for a new Ghana – GUM Flagbearer

Reverend Christian Kwabena Andrews, Flagbearer of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) for election 2020, has promised to build a new, prosperous and disciplined Ghana under his leadership, and therefore calls on Ghanaians to believe in him for the task.

Ghana after independence in 1957 was hailed as a rich West African nation, fast-developing, the peaceful and shining star of Africa under the leadership of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah until his overthrow in 1966 by the coup plotters.

Though successive governments have made some steady progress in stabilising Ghana’s political landscape, experts believe that not much had been done in building a vibrant economy and transforming economic lives of the people, leaving majority staggering in abject poverty and deprivation.

In a commentary on GUM 2020 mini manifest, titled: “a New Ghana,” Rev Andrews, who is also the Founder of GUM, said Ghana’s political leaders, after Dr Kwame Nkrumah, have exposed the country to poverty, underdevelopment, insecurity, impunity, selfishness, nepotism, winner takes all, over-borrowing, corruption, deceit and filth.

After critically following and assessing governments in the fourth republic till now, he said these and many other negative attributes were the identifiable hallmarks of Ghana.

“With all our natural and human resources that we have, the result is the hardship we face today,” he said, as successive governments, including those in authority today, always promise Ghanaians a better life to win their hearts and votes but “the result is always a regrettable story.”

“What we need now is a change, a total change, a better change of mind and government for a ‘New Ghana’.”

The 2020 mini-manifesto of GUM highlights several thematic areas that promise to turnaround Ghana’s economic, political and social structure in a new Ghana it seeks to build.

According to the manifesto, it will be a new Ghana with unity and peace, industrialization, free ports, employment for all, strict monitoring and punishment for corruption.

A new Ghana with all-inclusive government, hope for generations unborn, transparency, accountability, massive development and justice for all.

“These positive attributes are what my government shall give to the good people of Ghana and my government shall never relent to ensuring that Ghanaians get what they deserve,” Rev Andrews said. “That is, good life with the development of our country and prosperity.”

The party’s manifesto address key areas of policies and its vision, but the Flagbearer, popularly known as Osofo Kyiriabosom, indicated that not everything could be captured in this single document.

And added, “Ghana deserves better and I make a solemn promise to Ghanaians that a vote for the Ghana Union Movement and a vote for Christian Kwabena Andrews in 2020 elections is a vote for a better change. Believe in the Lord and believe in me for a new Ghana.”

Commenting on the chances of GUM as a new political to win Ghana’s 2020 crucial polls, a political scientist, Rev LBK Trotsky, stated that Ghanaians were fed up with the lies, deception and accumulated failures of NPP and NDC.

He said their repeated failed campaign promises and over-borrowing and indebtedness to the IMF were no longer sustainable and would be a deciding factor to break their dominance in the country’s governance since the fourth republic.

“Rev Andrews will make our country Ghana proud again through every aspect of innovations and industrialization – developing Ghana’s infrastructure and building a vibrant economy,” he added.

“Over the years, Ghanaians have been crying for someone to come and save Ghana and this is the time God has answered our prayers and given us GUM.”

Meanwhile, the party has urged all eligible voters to come out and register for the new voter ID cards at the ongoing registration, as it was the only rightful means, during the December elections, to break the dominance of NPP and NDC in Ghana politics.

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