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‘Be sure your partner has good conduct before marriage’ – Say Counselor

Popular Ghanaian marriage counsellor Reverend Charlotte Oduro advises that couples or would-be couples should do proper checks before going into any marriage.

According to her, many young people fall in love with anyone they find attractive without thinking about the future consequences.

She adds that if she time could rewind into her young ages, she would never make mistakes.

“Sometimes we just see people, we fall in love and that it. We don’t think about tomorrow; we don’t think about what will happen to our children. We don’t think whether they can help us tomorrow. All we do is that we love the person.

If God allows us to relive our lives as youngsters, there are some of the mistakes we made we won’t repeat them. She said.

She urges that would-be couples should do diligence to get the best out of their partner.

“Be sure your partner has very good conduct. Is she or he understanding, has patience, and the fear of God which are the major ingredients of a successful marriage without recourse to the ice looks and shapes which many at times is the direct opposite of the man and woman you are in love with “

Rev Charlotte Oduro was speaking on Okay Fm monitored

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