Antoa should kill me if I didn’t sleep with Chairman Wontumi; Afia Schwar curses

Afia Schwarzenegger has sworn with a bottle of schnapps and cracked eggs that she has slept with Chairman Wontumi.

Afia Schwarzenegger is not up to Chairman Wontumi‘s standards, according to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, hence her claims of sleeping with him are false.

“Jesus Christ! When did Chairman become your ex? So, Afia, all the men you’ve been following, you still want an ex?” Maurice Ampaw fumed.

“The Chairman believes Afia is not his standard,” he stated on Wontumi TV. We’re all familiar with Afia’s track record. So how can Chairman Wontumi, who is affluent, attractive, and has well-cultured women as spouses, if not even girlfriends, go after someone like Afia?”

His remarks have enraged Afia Schwarzenegger, who has resolved to enlist the help of the gods. She made a video this morning imploring the gods to punish her if she told the truth about sleeping with Chairman Wontumi.

If I am the one disgracing the man because he is God and couldn’t have slept with me so if the man hasn’t slept with me and I claim so then the gods of Antoa should kill me,” she said and then proceeded to curse Maurice Ampaw.

And you Maurice Ampaw if you don’t know anything about and came to speak to disgrace me may the Antoa gods kill Maurice Ampaw and use the rest of his family as thanksgiving sacrifice,” she added.

Before this, the legal practitioner during his interview said “Get ready. You’ll go to court. You’ll get a writ from Tema High Court. We will sue you so you tell the court when you had sex with Chairman Wontumi,” Ampaw said and added that “We act as though we have thrown our moral values to the dogs. We will report you to Dampare (IGP) for spreading fake news”.

Afia responded to his legal threat via the caption that she added to the video in which she invited the ‘Antoa’ gods to kill Maurice Ampaw. She wrote, “PROVERBS 30:10 IS WHAT AM PRACTICING NOW. NOW TELL THE STUPID OLD MEN TO MEET IN COURT IF THEY HAVE BALLS“.

Watch the video below;

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