A woman will take a cheating rich man over a poor faithful man – Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson does not have a penchant for remaining devoted. He admits that he has cheated in every one of his relationships and that he cheats on his partner.

The Ghanaian comedian who lives in America admitted that he has never been devoted in a relationship.

“My whole life, I’ve never been faithful. If any of my exes are watching, I cheated on all of you. I lied so much I don’t even know what the truth is.”

Michael Blackson claims that his riches makes this way of life possible. He mentions how having as many ladies as they desire is possible for those who have money.

“You have to be rich. Broke men can’t do this. Poor men don’t have choices. They can’t even afford one woman. How can they cheat with someone else?”

He also made the argument that women would rather have their wants met than remain faithful to a poor man. adding that even though he is allowed to cheat, his wives are not.

“A woman will take her bills being paid from a rich man that cheats over a poor man that is faithful.

“If you want to do the same thing, we can just be friends. I can’t marry you. I can’t have someone else having sex with you looking at my ring,” Michael Blackson concluded.

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