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‘A Man Is Not Supposed To Marry You Because Of Pregnancy’- Counsellor Oduro Tells Women

Relationship coach, Madam Charlotte Oduro has said in a new content published on her Youtube channel that men are not under any obligation whatsoever to marry them once they get them pregnant.

Madam Charlotte said a man could have sex with a woman without loving her or attaching any emotional strings which is the opposite of what women feel when they enter into any form intimacy with a man.

“If you are pregnant for a man and he says he does not love you, focus on taking care of the child… or you both put resources together and take care of the innocent child. But to claim you are with a man and want to use pregnancy to lock him, you will weep uncontrollably in life,” she stated.

If you lock him with pregnancy because he does not love you and he meets someone who loves him you will be treated with contempt”.

She stressed that having sex with a man is not a measure of love because some of them see it as a game.

“A man having sex with you does not mean the man loves you. Some of them see it as a game. Women should rise up…you have sex with him once and all you say is I have fallen, what have you fallen for? For sex”, she added.

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