Samini, a well-known reggae/dancehall artist from Ghana, has publicly stated his extreme disagreement with the government’s intention to construct a national cathedral in the face of the country’s ongoing economic difficulties.

Samini, full name Emmanuel Andrews Samini, criticized the choice as a misguided priority in these trying times when speaking on The Day show earlier today.

In response to the issue of whether the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), which Samini had previously backed, had let him down, Samini made the comment.

During his presentations, Samini didn’t hide his concerns and disappointments, with the construction of the National Cathedral being of particular concern to him.

He emphasized that devoting money to building a national cathedral was ill-advised at a time when the nation needed to concentrate on correctly establishing its priorities to confront the ongoing economic issues.

“I am a person that does not buy into the idea of building a national Cathedral. That is purely a misplaced priority,” Samini stated.

He pleaded with the government to provide pertinent areas like healthcare, education, job development, and poverty reduction crucial attention and funding.