Ghanaian singer Praye Tietia and actress and media personality Selly Galley have announced the birth of their first child,After several years of marriage.

Social media sites have shown an upsurge in happiness and well wishes following the announcement.

The pair used their individual Instagram profiles to inform their fans of the happy news. The heartwarming pregnancy photos on Selly Galley’s post were accompanied by a sincere statement expressing their thanks for this priceless gift.

She wrote, “Holding on to FAITH… that’s what brought me this far.
It’s been a long and almost hopeless journey. But I wasn’t to decide that.
WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!, my tongue is heavy with praise and worship, our hearts are heavy with immense gratitude. It’s just marvelous! 🤲🏻”

The emotion was echoed in Praye Tietia’s message, in which she thanked everyone for their prayers and support and expressed her utter joy.

Their candor with their infertility issues has been a defining characteristic of Selly Galley and Praye Tietia’s road to parenting.

Their admirers and supporters, many of whom have followed their narrative with constant encouragement, were won over by their openness about the difficulties they endured.

Their social media posts were inundated with congratulations, prayers, and well wishes from admirers and well-wishers.

The pair received many emotional greetings from friends, fellow celebrities, and fans as they celebrated this new chapter in their life.

In order to keep their fans and following interested, the couple hasn’t yet disclosed the baby’s name or gender. Meanwhile, the entire world celebrates the birth of their bundle of joy along with Selly Galley and Praye Tietia, recognizing the triumph of love, faith, and tenacity.