MzBel, a singer and entrepreneur from Ghana, has revealed some troubling information about her eatery.

MzBel bemoaned the poor network, the distance to her store, and the lack of pipe-borne water, among many other things.

She also said that the major reason she relocated her eatery from Adjei Kojo, an Ashaiman suburb, to Gbawe was because someone had planted medicine, or “juju,” next to the store.

The performer said that as a result, she and a few of her staff members were unwell.

“One time, we went to work and saw three white eggs in a corner outside the bar But when I saw it and because I don’t have bad intentions, I just thought it was a stray fowl that laid these eggs there so we took the eggs and buried them.”

“Another time too, I saw a tortoise, in the same corner. Again, I did not have bad intentions so I thought it was someone’s pet that went missing so I made a cage for it and fed it well, a few days later it died.

Then, the next time we arrived at work early in the morning and unlocked the door, a large cat raced out in front of us at full speed. A cat that large would not be able to enter the store since the doors and ceilings are both secured with burglar-proof locks. It was a lot, I didn’t understand, now I get sick, tomorrow it’s something different,” she said.

MzBel continued by saying that after she made the decision to move the business, someone informed her that the reason she was becoming unwell was because “medicines” had been planted in and around her store.