The Coalition of Transport Unions and Associations is issuing a warning that transport fares could potentially rise by 20 percent unless the government eliminates certain taxes from the petroleum price structure.

The group insists that the government needs to remove the sanitation and pollution levy, as well as the energy sector levy, in order to alleviate unnecessary financial strain on drivers and consumers.

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In an interview with Citi News , David Agboado, the National Public Relations Officer for the Concerned Drivers Association, stated that they have set a two-week deadline for the government to take the required actions.

Agboado highlighted that their engagement with the government dates back to June 2021 when they initially communicated their concerns.

Read More👉🏿  Today’s front pages: Thursday, 28 September, 2023

They held discussions with government ministers and have collectively recognized that the price stabilization and recovery levy, the energy sector levy, and the sanitation and pollution levy are no longer effective. Despite having officially communicated these issues, they have yet to witness any substantial response.

Thus, they are giving the government a two-week window to address the matter; otherwise, they will implement a 20 percent increase in fares.