The Rent Control Department has reiterated that it is an offence for landlords to increase their rent without approval from the department.

The Public Relations Officer of the Department, Emmanuel Kporsu, told Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that several tenants have reported to them about plans by their landlords to eject them because they are unable to pay the new rent.

Kporsu stated that the law requires landlords to write to the Department and explain why they intend to raise the rent.

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He said that if the landlord renovates the facility for any reason and intends to raise the rent as a result, the department must first approve it.

He explained that the law also requires the department to approve landlords every two years to raise rent in line with the country’s economic situation.

“There are a number of landlords who raise rent without seeking permission from the department. Before we approve the increase, we must inspect the building to ensure that it is fair. A landlord cannot raise rent without our permission.”

Emmanuel Kporsu emphasised that it would be unfair for a landlord to raise the rent when no significant renovations had been completed.

“You cannot stay in your little corner and raise the rent because you own the building. There are laws, and the rent law is not one of them. Several tenants have come to us to report this problem. Rent cannot be raised every six months or once a year. It must be approved first, and it can only be done every two years or when something significant has changed about the facility.”