Popular Media Personality, Ola Michael is baffled at the obsession with plastic surgery to enhance their features, especially Nyashenhancement.

Speaking on United showbiz, Ola Michael believes there is no benefit of a well-endowed Nyashs to anyone, enhancing the butt using surgery becomes a waste of time and resources. He also chastised men who force their partners into such acts.

“What are the men using the Nyashs enhancement for? What will the men get off the butt**ks, you have a beautiful Nyashs what would I get from it didn’t you see south African women with big Nyashs? They are now going for Nyashs reduction, but the case is different in Ghana.”

Michael said the old age of women who engage in plastic surgery to enhance their feature will have a terrible consequence in their old age.

“we men force women to tow this line, but women should also have sense to decline something as deadly as plastic surgery, don’t go and do something which will claim your life”

This backlash comes after Salma Mumin has confessed to enhancing his Nyashs in a social media post.