Salma Mumin, a Ghanaiana actress and businesswoman, recently addressed online claims and trolls about her freshly improved figure.

The actress acknowledged in a post that she had enhanced her body shape as a result of peer pressure and negative remarks from online users.

Actress Salma has been counseled by Arnold Asamoah Baidoo to resist giving in to social media pressure in light of this.

Speaking on Showbiz Night on UTV, he said that because people are never satisfied with everything you do, they will always have an opinion about it. He advised viewers not to give in to the pressure.

“Years have passed when these celebrities feared owning up to enhancing their bodies, but ever since Moesha Boudong and actress Kisa Gbekle publicly admitted to enhancing their bodies, it opened up the others to own up to.

“I’m not surprised Salma is out to finally admit to enhancing her body but my problem is she makes it seems as if she succumbed to the trolls of social media and that’s my worry. Usually with entertainers or celebrities if you open up yourself to public trolls it will affect you and Salma has felt that pressure”

“It’s your money, it’s your body, and it’s your choice, once you feel you aren’t comfortable with your body and decide to change it, that’s your cup of tea and close all avenues to social trolls. The trolling will not stop and it’s worrying how Salma responds to these comments which are unhealthy for her”