Meet Martha Amakye and Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie, both worked at Stanbic and Absa bank Ghana respectively.

Martha Amakye is 39 years old today, when she was jailed 5 years ago, she was 34 working with Stanbic bank Limited.

She was sentenced to 8 years in jail for defrauding customers to the tune of GHc1.8 million Martha Amakye’s scam involved 246 customers of the bank over a period of one year between 2015 and 2016 under the pretext of investing in fixed deposit at the Bank.

Martha promised customers interest rates of between 18 and 20 per annum. The fake fixed deposit was not sanctioned by the bank, but was created by Martha Amakye.

Amakye had pleaded not guilty to 31 counts of defrauding by false pretence, but was found guilty after the court held that the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

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Five years after Martha’s arrest and conviction Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie has also been caught in the same ‘money heist situation’ 

Emmanuel stole GH1.2 million cedis in a month. He used two months to transfer some of the funds to other bank accounts and mobile money wallets. 

Unlike Martha who pulled the scam off alone, Emmanuel had the help of other accomplices, some have been arrested, eleven of his accomplices are on the run. 

The money he stole belonged to several customers including a dead IGP and a dead judge. 

Emmanuel used parts of the stolen money to buy himself a car, iPhone 14 pro max, bought plane tickets. Emmanuel was also love sick and decided to buy plane tickets to travel with his girlfriend to Dubai in the UAE but luck eluded them and they were both busted at the Kotoka international airport by the police who were tailing them 

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Martha pleaded guilty in her GHc1.8 million fraud. Emmanuel Afriyie has pleaded not guilty. 

Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie is facing 13 charges on various crimes, including stealing and conspiracy together with some of his accomplices. Additional charges of forgery of other documents and falsification of accounts have all been added to the charges.

If Emmanuel is found guilty by the courts, he is likely to spend not less than 5 years in jail

Martha is due to be released in 2026. Emmanuel will be in jail then. 

Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie is expected back in court on Friday June 16, 2023.