Richard, who resembles King Promise eerily, has given an explanation for his most recent run-in with the law, which was all-over social media.

People were interested to know the circumstances behind his detention as it made news on Monday, June 5.

Richard, who has since been freed, said that the reason for his detention was an unpaid obligation of GH 800 to an old acquaintance.

He said that he accidently broke his friend’s phone, which was worth GH 800, a couple of years ago. He had vowed to replace it but was unable to do so.

Richard, however, thinks that his friend chose to call the police in an effort to get the money back after understanding his newfound reputation and seeming fortune.

In an interview with Angel FM, Richard stated, “I spoilt my friend’s phone sometime back, and now because I’m famous and he thinks I have made money, so he sent the police after me. It’s been two to three years ago. He has been asking me for the money for a while now. I haven’t been picking his calls because I have been busy. The phone costs GH¢800.”

Furthermore, Richard refuted claims that the entire situation was staged, emphasizing, “It wasn’t a prank. It was real.”