Kofi Adjorlolo, a veteran actor from Ghana, has dispelled the popular belief among Ghanaians that the Nigerian government supports the Nigerian film industry.

Kofi Adjorlolo stressed in an interview with Nana Ama Mcbrown on Showtime that this is a complete distortion because he has firsthand experience with significant financial input and teamwork from Nigerian producers.

“It’s a very wrong impression. I have worked with so many Nigerian producers, and there’s nothing like governmental support.” He said

Adjorlolo claims that the government’s engagement in Nollywood mostly focuses on building the brand while receiving the majority of its financial support from private sources.

He notes that directors and producers are increasingly looking to banks for financial support for their projects.

Adjorlolo remembers his first flight to Abuja, which was funded by a bank, demonstrating the industry’s acknowledgement of Nollywood as a successful business.

“There is nothing about government support; it’s their own money. Government has no say. But lately, the producers and directors are seeking sponsorship from banks. I remember ‘First Flight to Abuja’ was sponsored by a bank.

“Why? Because corporate bodies realized that Nollywood was popular and a profitable venture, hence their decision to sponsor,” he shared.

Additionally, Adjorlolo underlines that Ghanaians have the false impression that the Nigerian government supports the film sector.

He said, “If Ghanaians believe that, they are mistaken. The government helped them by, among other things, projecting their brand name. When the Head of State went in the past, actors like Zach Orji, Liz Benson, Ramsey Nouah, and others would go with the group. Why? Because these exchanges would aid in the formation of relationships.

He accepted his status as a legendary figure in Nollywood, demonstrating his in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian film business.