Although he had previously thought himself to be the finest kisser, Tanzanian musical icon Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he has met the best kisser of his life.

He claimed that Ghanaian-American musician Fantana is the best kisser ever in a video clip from the current Young, Famous, and African reality TV series available on Netflix.

In the video, Diamond and Fantana appear to have spoken, but they decided to part ways with a kiss, which Fantana gave while slouching on a sofa.

The Tanzanian spreads the kiss, stating, “Up until I kissed Fantana, I thought I was the finest kisser. She was eating me, not kissing me. Perfect kiss, ever.

Along with other pals who are African stars and A-listers, the two were featured together on the show as they went about their daily lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, having fun, flirting, and fighting.

Source: Dklassgh