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Pastors selling ‘Sobolo’  as Blood of Jesus are thieves –Kumawood Actor

Popular Kumawood Actor Sean Paul has called pastors and prophets who pass off “Solbolo” as the blood of Jesus to church members as thieves.

Sean Paul contends that since prophets and pastors who sell these items are in the business of doing so, the government should require them to pay taxes in order to sustain the economy.

The well-known Kumawood actor used Matthew 23:29 as support for his claim, adding that any pastors or prophets who sell such items are not from God because they are acting in a way that is against what the Bible teaches.

Sean Paul emphasized that churchgoers who accept ‘Sobolo’ from their pastors and prophets are accepting curses onto their lives. He revealed in an interview.

“Yesu Mogya is his word that’s why he told his disciples that those who will accept his flesh and drink his blood will get everlasting life but some pastors are selling Sobolo and others as ‘Yesu Mogya”, he said.

“Anytime prophets and pastors turn their churches into business centers they encounter the wrath of God because the church is not meant for business”.

“I don’t understand why the government has failed to tax these pastors who are selling Sobolo as Yesu Mogya to support the economy because they are thieves and making money from the church members” Sean Paul explained

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