Njoki Murira has been in the news for the past few days after gaining 1 million Facebook fans.

The 21 year old content creator also commands enormous following on twitter and Instagram.

Her figure speaks for itself; she is of the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes.

Njoki is a well-known personality among Netizens who love women with voluptuous body shapes, which she shamelessly exploits and is fond of expressing in all her social activities and entertainment clips.

Ms. Nkoki shoots most of her videos in a viallge set up. With many branding her ‘Kienyeji’, a common phrase used to refer to well-bred village girls, Njoki is not shy of where she comes from.

On twitter, the content creator is a fierce ambassador of ‘no s*x before marriage;. She fondly describes herself as ‘the only kikuyu who does not love money’.