Actress Vicky Zugah has said entertainers who usually complain about lack of support do not support others.

According to her, the industry in its entirety is not united so the support wears no sex tag.

She noted that it is high time people stopped saying women are their own enemies since the men do exactly what women are accused of.

Speaking to MzGee on 3FM she disclosed that some of the men in the industry have even refused to ever work with her because they cannot handle her.

“People who normally complain of lack of support in the industry are people who don’t support others. If you don’t support others, nobody will support you. Because the Universe gives you what you put out there.

“Women are not the only people who hate each other. Men hate each other as well. Let’s stop pampering the men too much…The industry in itself is not united. Everybody is against everybody. I have men who have blacklisted and decasted me from a particular role because they think they can’t handle me,” she said.

She used the opportunity to urge women to stand up for and support each other.

“Let’s be there for each other. The men think that we are against each other and it’s not true. Let’s prove them wrong and be there for others. If you are not there for someone don’t expect the person to be there for you. We are not our enemies, we love ourselves. I know people in the industry and they are like sisters. It is not as bad as society is portraying it. It’s not a competition,” she stated.

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