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“Many DJs In Ghana Hate To Learn More”- Dj Ricky Augustine Writes

Ghana Dj Awards 2018 Volta Region Winner T.t Wayo Augustine popularly known as Dj Ricky Augustine has disclosed why most Ghanaian DJs refuse to learn.

In a post he made on social media the dj stated;

Many DJs in Ghana 🇬🇭 hate to learn more but feels they’re in their comfort zone and can be on top of their game.

Imagine you informing me about my mistakes without noticing and admitting your non-fulfillment.
Pay attention to other colleagues then you can also learn and build on new skills and appreciate their efforts too.

Massa! Your playlist or Cue points can be predicted, for your transactions deaaa…. hmmn, you don’t calculate bars before dropping the next songs, Timing too is a problem, you only find comfort in fading with an effect, Your effects/drops are louder than the song at the background and you think a DJ is to be cutting every record he plays in less than 5 seconds, there are types of scratches you cant apply at parties.

When you see any colleague around stop trying to impress them.
Awww breda! oh what is wrong with you? LMAO 😂😂😂

You don’t play long jingle or sweepers at parties only drops are wlc and if you don’t have one please order now!

The Sound Effects some play are even popular than their DJ drops.The fact is, don’t let unemployment turn you into a DJ. Think more about your playlist.

Think about your next critiz, ppl just dey mix feelings for hatred. Don’t come and ask if am also a DJ? NO am a farmer. 🙄

You always have to learn because life never stop teaching on that note, I rest my case.


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