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[For Ladies] Types Of Food That Helps Your Vag!na Taste And Smell Good

There are some types of food that will help you taste and smell super attractive down there. So if you want to give your man a special kind of treat, introduce these into your diet.
1. Vegetables

Women who eat more vegetables have a nicely scented and sweet vagina, especially when compared to those who eat more of meat and fish. Veggies also help you flush out toxins which are bad for the state of your vagina.

2. Honey

Ditch the sugar and take more of honey. This concept is self-explanatory. Plus honey has a lot of other great benefits.

3. Pineapples

This fruit is hydrating and is capable of flushing out unwanted odor and germs from your system. It is definitely on the list of the types of food to eat more of. Because pineapples are sweet and smell good,  they transfer these attractive attributes to your vagina too. You are what you eat, remember?

4. Berries

Strawberries, blackberries, etc, are other types of food that can be great for your smell and taste down there.

Other things you can do to stay fresh keep your vagina fresh and clean  include:

    • shave/wax as frequently as possible as pubic hair breed germs that cause the vagina to smell funky;
    • only use water to wash your vagina. If you must use soap, avoid scented antiseptic ones;
don’t take too much sugar or foods that have a strong bad odor like garlic, beans, etc;
  • wear more of cotton panties and go to bed without underwear from time to time to let your vagina;
  • you should also douche once in a while. Do this by inserting your fingers into your vagina and taking out any discharge lying around. Then rinse off with water.

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