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Feli Nuna Has A Word Of Advice For Ladies In Relationships

The Afro Pop songstress Feli Nuna has given a two-sided advice to her fellow ladies who end up in broken relationships full of drama.

Speaking on e. TV Ghana’s ‘Late Nite Celebrity Show’ with Foster Romanus the ‘Gelaway’ hitmaker did not give a clear relationship status but had a word for ladies who suffered breakups and their ex’s come for gifts given them during their relationships.

“Ahaa ladies if you guy dashes you a car; one, check if there is tracker in the car and make sure the papers are authentic. Right now they are faking car papers so when you breakups they will come with the original papers to come and take away the car,” she said.


Do the same when they give you a house” she added.

On a stronger note, she asked ladies to be financially independent so they don’t rely on their men for the things they need.

“That is why it is always good to work for your own thing, so that whether they give you or not . . . So if he gives you, you still have your own. If he comes and takes what he has given you, you still have your own,” she said.

Feli Nana, however, believes that it is the responsibility of the man to shower his woman with gifts. if the man honors his part with gifts the woman in return will also give him her all.

Feli Nana is currently promoting her latest single ‘Me and You.

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