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I’m Naturally A Bad Boy – Prince David Osei

The ladies man, actor Prince David Osei has revealed that regardless of having sex for the first time in 2007 and his wife being the first woman to do it with, he didn’t need any coaching because he is naturally a bad boy.

In an interview on the Delay show, the host tried to find out whether his wife was indeed the first woman he first had sexual intercourse with, he said

“That’s the gospel truth, actually we became friends, 2002, we fellowship in the same church, so from there we went to Legon so we were friends in Legon. Technically we started dating in level 200, which was 2004, 2005 thereabout, at that time ‘I was a macho man lifting metals for nothing’.”

The host then asked if that being his first time meant he had to be coached through it, he replied saying, “No she didn’t teach me anything, naturally me, I’m a bad boy, whether I practice something or not the ideas I have about the thing u have no idea.”

According to the actor staying a virgin for that long was covenant he had with God in order to receive greatness from the ‘Man Above’.

“Being a bad boy is there but it was something I said to myself that I was not going to have sex, I grew from a humble background and I wanted God to make me great so as a young boy this is what I gave to God in exchange for greatness so I was not going to indulge in any of those things. It was more like a covenant I had with God,” he revealed.

Prince is married to Louisa Nana Ama Asiedua Korankye and they have three children.

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