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5 Things You Need To Do To Become Top Socialite

There are secrets for every business to be successful. Socialites too have their own secrets. However, for those people who want to join this league of craving for attention and faking things, here are some crucial tips for you:


The first thing you will need to do is to bleach if you are not light skinned. Top Kenyan socialites have bleached, and it’s no doubt this is one thing you have to do too. Socialites believe light skinned ladies attract more attention that dark skinned ladies.

Fake accent

This is something ladies are good at especially those called slay queens. For women, changing of accent is mediasomething they can do within days. You will have to adopt an American accent or something that sounds foreign and be eloquent at it.

Do plastic surgery

To be outstanding as a socialite, you will need to have a big ass, small waist and thunderous thighs. You will need to have your body compete that of Beyonce. Whether it’s through exercises or implants, do it at whatever cost.

Associate with famous and rich

Socialites like being seen with big people around. Associate with top politicians, celebrities and people with money. Make sure the world knows of your association with them through social media.

Be active on social media

Top socialites are always causing a stir on social media. Having an active instagram account where you will be posting your daily activities and bragging of the top celebs, politicians and rich people you have spent a drink with. More so, you will advertise yourself from big functions you have attended and expensive places you have been.


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